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Q : What are hazel wood necklaces & bracelets used for?

R :

Hazelwood jewelry is an unconventional and therefore, very original product that can be used as a natural healing product, but that is not a medicine.

We have been conducting research for more than 7 years to understand the properties of the hazel wood from the Boreal forest. This wood has been used traditionally by Native Americans for centuries for its medicinal properties. To date, our research has demonstrated that hazel wood is very rich in polyphenols, molecules known to have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Q : How does it work?

R :

In contact with the skin, hazelwood necklace/bracelet acts somehow like a patch by releasing its molecules. According to thousands of testimonials we collected for more than 19 years, it may help ease the symptoms related to oxidative stress and inflammation such as : teething pain, heartburn, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne), joint pain and mouth sores, to name a few. For best results, we highly recommend wearing the necklace and/or the bracelet at any time, directly in contact with the skin.

Q : Is it better to wear the necklace or the bracelet?

R :

For more than 19 years, our satisfied customers testified no noticeable difference between the two products in terms of efficiency. Our studies of the mechanisms of hazelwood jewelry shows that it is the area of hazel wood in contact with the skin that matters. Ideally, we suggest wearing both the necklace and bracelet: that way, if you decide not to wear the necklace for a day, you will still benefit from the bracelet.

Indeed, some people choose to wear the bracelet or anklet rather than the necklace for reasons of appearance or discretion, but they still get the hazel wood benefits. If you choose to wear only the bracelet, you could wear the double bracelet which is made of about as much hazel wood as the necklace.

Q : Does the size of the wood pieces make a difference?

R :

Scientific research has been conducted by Pure Hazelwood to measure the influence of the wood pieces’ characteristics on product quality. The company makes a rigorous selection of the pieces of hazel wood to ensure the superior quality of the products it markets. A procedure is in place internally to manage the variability of its raw material and to control it. Pure Hazelwood optimizes the crafting of its products based on the results of this research. It is the secret of its craft which distinguishes Pure Hazelwood from other hazelwood product companies. Pure Hazelwood is the only company to hold scientific results on hazel wood compounds and hazel wood benefits. These results have also shown that the shade of the wood also has an impact on the efficiency of the product.

Q : When should I replace my necklace and/or bracelet?

R :

We are currently conducting research to establish the lifespan of hazelwood jewelry. For best results, we highly recommend replacing the necklace and/or the bracelet after about 3 to 6 months. This period may vary from one person to another, depending on the severity of symptoms. Our customers generally rely on either one of the following signs to evaluate when they need to get a new necklace or bracelet. First, the extremities of the wood beads will tend to get darker with normal use, showing that the product have reached its full potential. Second, the symptoms slowly returning are also an undeniable reminder.

Fresh Wood VS Used Wood

Q : Is it normal that my necklace or bracelet loses pieces of bark?

R :

Since we use only 100% natural hazel wood (no varnish is applied), we cannot control all the mechanical properties of the wood and its responses to various external factors to which it is submitted (friction with clothes, bath etc…) Sometimes, the bark splits and partially falls. Users testify that our eco-friendly hazelwood products still retain their properties.

Q : When can my baby start wearing a hazel wood necklace?

R :

It is at the discretion of the parent. Necklaces to relieve teething pain have been used in First Nations traditions for a long time as an alternative medicine. So as soon as you feel that your baby would benefit from wearing the necklace, it will be possible to do so. You must ensure that the child cannot bring the necklace to his/her mouth by choosing an adequate size (refer to our size chart).

Warnings: The parent must supervise children under 3 years old wearing any necklaces. For maximum security, change the necklace every 3 months. Do not allow children to handle or wear the necklace while in a crib, bed or cot.

Q : Is the baby necklace safe?

R :

Is the baby necklace safe?

The screw clasp we use for our baby necklaces has been carefully chosen for the safety of young children. In fact, it complies to all American, European and Canadian safety standards for children’s jewelry. When there is tension on the necklace, the screw clasp will release and the beads will be held on the wire by clamps so that the child cannot access the small pieces. Pure Hazelwood works with accredited laboratories to ensure that Canadian, American and European safety standards are met.

This security is valid only on necklaces changed every 3 months maximum. Warnings: Parents must supervise children less than 3 years old wearing any necklaces. For maximum security, change the necklace every 3 months. Do not allow children to handle or wear the necklace while in a crib, bed or cot. After a while, contact with water, air and movement, will wear out the wire used to make the necklace which can weaken significantly. Remember to renew the necklace when it shows signs of excessive wear. BEWARE OF HAZELWOOD NECKLACES FOR BABIES AND CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OLD THAT DO NOT HAVE THIS CLASP (BEWARE OF IMITATIONS).

Q : Can I wear the necklace/bracelet in the bath or shower?

R :

Hazel wood is highly resistant to clear water. You can keep the jewelry in the shower; that prevents you from forgetting to put it back on afterwards. However, we strongly suggest removing your necklace or bracelet if you go in a pool or hot tub. Chemicals such as chlorine can damage the hazel wood.

Q : Can I wear the necklace if I'm allergic to metal clasps used for jewelry?

R :

Our screw clasps are made of stainless steel and our lobster clasps are made of zinc, and both of them may contain nickel. If you know that you could react to these metals, you can put a few coats of clear nail polish on the clasp or cover it with a small piece of tape. You can also call us to have your necklace assembled on an elastic thread (a $2 fee for special orders will apply). All clasps are tested and certified free of lead and cadmium.

Q : What is the difference between the lotion and ointment?

R :

Both contain hazel wood extract. The lotion is a cosmetic product to moisturize dry skin. The lotion is non-greasy and lightly scented (No parabens). Our clients use it to improve the overall appearance of their skin (dry skin) and as it penetrates quickly, you can use it at any time.

The zinc ointment is a natural health product approved by Health Canada to treat diaper rash, and it is thicker when applied. It is dermatologically tested, fragrance free and dye free and can also be used on sensitive skin. You can apply it 2 or 3 times daily on the areas to be treated, when needed.

Q : Can I wear the necklace/bracelet if I have a nut/peanut allergy?

R :

Allergies to nuts and peanuts are food allergies (taken orally). It means consumption of products that contain these nuts (hence the fruit, not the wood). In addition, our rigorous eco-friendly hazelwood harvesting methods ensure that the hazel branches do not touch the nuts at any time. We pay special attention when cutting the wood. Moreover, each nut is covered with a thick and rigid hull, making it impossible to get in direct contact with the branches.

Therefore, the hazelwood necklace and bracelet should not cause any reaction, but you could ask your doctor to be reassured.

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